Trepanation (2016), ceramics, gold plated aluminum, 21 x 58 x 32 cm.

Works that are inspired on the trepanations carried out the old Peruvian culture Paracas, which was also known for elongating the skulls of their elite classes. It raises awareness about social issues in Latin America, where large migration overpopulate the capital cities, enlarging the administrative heads of their countries.

Urban Mountains


Mixed media works that represent the instability of the foundations on which contemporary societies are built upon.



Mixed media based on the traditional colonial wood reliefs found all across Latin America. They portray major museum buildings in the process of transforming to shanty towns. 

From Puno MoCA

From Puno MoCA...

Sculptures based on the concept of the Puno MoCA project, they explore the relation between museums of contemporary art and  low income neighborhoods. They are made of ceramics and polished aluminum. 

Sculpting the Canvas


Sculptures that explore the relationship between painting and sculpture, with particular interest on their ability to transform our perception of the public space through ephemeral interventions.

Stud Farms


Works that raise awareness about the decision by Florida State Universities to build on campus branches of a company that ignore the rights of the tomato farmers in that state. It raises questions about the example that we are giving students who are taught at those institutions.