Puno MoCA at FGCU

(2013), 156"x300"x180", gallery partition walls, wood, metal, ceramics.

Puno MoCA at FGCU (2013)156”x 300”x 180”, gallery par@@on walls, wood, metal, ceramics.
Site specific installation related to the project Puno MoCA.  It was produced using panels, walls and other elements found at the FGCU main gallery, which I arranged at the center of the space to create a mountain from which a village emerged at its top. Curated by Jade Dellinger. Fort Myers, 2013.

Cerro Colorado

(2014) 100”x60”x60”, wood, styro foam, aluminum, clay, metal.

Site-specific sculpture made using pedestals and pallets found in the gallery,  for the exhibition Beyond Limits, Post global Mediations, San Diego Art Institute, curated by Denise Carvalho and Ginger Shullick, in Partnership with the Post Global Bienniale, San Diego, CA.

Urban Mountain

(2016) 12’x6’x5’, sculpture plinths, pallets, ceramics and styrofoam,
Work made pallets and sculpture  pedestals addressing the instability of the foundations on which our societies are built upon. The work was made during the Sharpe Walentas Studio  Residency Program, New York, 2016.