Educational Projects

The Hill Primary School


Circular Temples at The Hill Primary School, Yorkshire, UK. Students were given workshops on creativity, at the end of which they were able to design their own large scale sculptures using parts of the public sculpture Circular Temples, previously presented at Brodsworth Hall in Doncaster. Creative Partnerships, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield, (2004).

Emotions Cluster


I was invited to work with a school in North London to explore how positive emotions could be nurtured and promoted through art. I created a quiet cell where students where able to sit and relax during recess. Creative Partnerships London North, (2007)

The Generator


Installation aimed to stimulate creativity. The work constituted a large low ceiling, lamp, where students were able to lie down, read and relax, giving them an intimate experience of what otherwise was a large and cold space. The installation was made of toilet paper and strings. Creative Partnerships London North (2016)

Reimagining the Playground with Ice


Temporary installation in a school in North London, aimed to reinterprete the playground. It was made of large colored ice blocks, students carried out activities around them guided by the school teachers. (2005)

Reimagining the Playground with Velcro


A large area of the playground was covered with colorful velcro and students were able to interact with walls and floors in unusual ways, stimulating their creativity, (2005).

Can we All be Happy Together?


Installation of a soft material on a existing ramp, allow professors and students to engage in playful activities during difficult time for the institution, alleviating stress. (2006)