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Trinidad (2014) 580cm x 2000cm x 2000cm, shell, wood, salt.
Work produced in collaboration between Gustavo Buntinx, Cesar Cornejo, Harold Hernandez and Elliot TupacĀ for the event SACO3, Mi Vecino el Otro(Art and Contemporary Culture Week, My Neighbor the other), organized by the Collecive Se Vende, Antofagasta, Chile. The event’s subject was the relationship between Peru, Chile and Bolivia, countries that since a war that took place in 1879 have had border disputes and tensions. A team from each of the three countries was invited to create a project. I was invited as part of the Peruvian team by curator Gustavo Buntinx, together with anthropologist Harold Hernandez Lefranc, and artist Elliot Tupac. The work represents a three-headed llama one head per each of the countries, the obelisk is based on an obelisk that actually exists in the border between the countries, although fractioned in three, representing the fact that problems still need to be resolved. The obelisk’s position at the bottom of the neck makes it work like a solar clock where the shadows move across the heads.