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MENHIR I (2001) bricks, cement,450cm(h)x125cm(w)x125cm(d).
Location: Montemor o Novo, Sculpture Park Portugal
Commissioning Agency: Oficinas do Convento

This work is permanently installed at the Montemor o Novo sculpture park in Portugal. The piece was made of bricks made by community members. The work establishes a bridge between the old and the new and the natural and the man made. Work was produced for the 3rd International Ceramics and Architecture Symposium, Habitar, organized by Oficinas do Convento, Portugal.


MENHIR II (2008) bricks, cement, 16.4’ x 3’ x 3’, Busan Biennial 2008, South-Korea.
Location: APEC Park, Busan, South-Korea.
Commissioning Agency: Busan Biennial 2008, Sculpture Project.


I was commissioned to make a permanent sculpture for this Biennial, I travelled to South Korea and produced the work at a local bricks factory.