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I was invited to present an installation for the 15th aniversary exhibition at gallery Lucia de la Puente, in Lima. The exhibition took place in an old house which was to be converted into a hotel, I chose to work in the room of the security guard as long as I could include him in the piece. The room was ran down, he hang up his cloth on nails on the wall, had books piled on a corner given the lack of shelves, and the paint of the walls was old and dirty. We painted the room and doors of a color of his choosing, built shelves a closet and in the place where he had his cloth hung, I placed a painted of his cloth. The condition of the refurbishement was that he would allowed us to build a second floor that could be accessed through a staircase, that worked as a gallery space where photos and a sculpture were displayed. This project is part of a larger one that plans to use security guard boxes in Lima as exhibition spaces. The title of the piece makes reference to the security guard "guachiman"(watchman) combined with MALI, (the museum of art of Lima).