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Works made for the group exhibition Apocryphal Times, curated by Tamara Kostianovsky and Thorsten Albertz, at Friedman Benda Gallery, NY.(October 30 to December 20, 2014)

The works are divided in two groups:

Trepanations: Inspired in the trepanations carried out the old Peruvian culture Paracas, by which they removed a section of the skull to remove tumors, and replaced it with a piece of metal. Also Paracas culture is known for having elongated the skulls of their leaders. In these works I established a parallel between the elongated skulls and the disproportionate population of Lima the capital (and head) of Peru and the rest of the country (body). The bricks texture refers to the appearance of the raw architecture of the shanty-towns that surround Lima, where most of the people who migrate to Lima from the country side live. The aluminum shape attached to the skulls refers to the mountains where the shanty-towns normally settle.

Museumorphosis: These works is a tridimensional development from photos of some of the most important New York museums, the aluminum box is the negative space of the background brought to the front, so the museum building appears like if it was carved in the metal. The work refers to the traditions of the “retables” also to the idea of false perspective. The work when placed outside reflects the sky and the clouds, which completes the illusion, giving the idea that you are watching a real building.